Off Payroll Meetings

PRISM have developed a range of presentations designed to be delivered at breakfast meetings with clients that will help them understand what is happening. It also provides a clear action plan for how they can start to prepare and assess the potential impacts. These steps will help them understand, manage and minimise the impact of any changes. 

Having run a number of these meetings already, they have proved to be extremely successful and feedback has been very positive.
Follow up sessions can be planned to build on the information and help develop the clients' knowledge and understanding which in turn helps them to build their strategies regarding IR35 and the status of their contractors. With the changes happening in April 2020 there is a lot of work that clients need to do to prepare.

PRISM believes this also offers the early adopters a real business opportunity in that they will be the first of the clients supply agencies taking proactive steps and allow recruitment companies to potentially access a greater share of their clients business.

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