Benefits of Membership

The fast growth of the sector over the last decade together with the predicted ongoing growth means that for many years to come it will remain under the spotlight.

Over the last year we have seen many misperceptions created about the work the sector does which if left unchallenged will undoubtedly result in a negative impact for the sector.

We believe in a high quality, strategically focused trade association and that this is the crucial link between Government and industry and has a vital role to play in the drive towards economic growth.

PRISM enables our members to act with one voice. We will utilise our strength in numbers to help set the agenda regarding legislation, regulation and government initiatives. Working closely with Ministers and the Civil Service to create the right conditions for informed decisions affecting the sector.

We also believe that any provider operating in the sector influences perceptions and therefore we have no barriers to entry - everyone deserves to be heard.

Only by taking an inclusive and proactive approach will the sector be able to move forward as one.


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