Aims & Objectives

PRISM is entirely focused on proactively promoting the professional payment intermediaries sector with its specific actions and priorities being determined and directed by the Executive Committee. We firmly believe this is the best approach to ensure a stable and orderly market and address the many wrong perceptions that exist.

Lead Objectives

  • To protect and promote the interests of businesses across the members sectors
  • To represent its members’ interests relating to UK activities
  • To set clear standards across all the sectors its members operate within, these will include:
    • Operational processes and procedures
    • Customer service
    • Transparency
    • Complaint handling

Lobbying and Representation

  • Meeting Government and key officials
  • Carrying out surveys and research in to the professional payment intermediaries market to ensure fair and accurate representation.
  • Promoting the benefits of the sector to UK plc and its importance in maintaining a flexible workforce.
  • Obtaining clarity on compliance issues within the sector


  • Proactively engaging with Government and Civil Servants to promote the good work carried out by the sector
  • To ensure fair and appropriate responses to issues
  • To create the right economic environment for growth
  • Promoting high standards of compliance

Stakeholder Relationships

  • Government
  • Key Civil Servants
  • Recruitment representative groups and their members
  • Employers Groups and their members
  • Professional Associations and Bodies
  • Trade Unions


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