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YOU have arrived at campaign HQ for Yes2T&S

The final push to protect contractors from being pick-pocketed by George Osborne over their much-needed travel expenses.

The Chancellor's raid on Travel and Subsistence relief is a stealth tax which will cut the take-home pay of the average contractor by around 20 per cent from April 2016.

Contractors enjoy this relief because they move around a series of temporary workplaces for relatively short periods, cover greater distances and cannot take advantage of the sort of savings normal commuters can, like season tickets.

Not only that - T&S is one of the few benefits for contractors who have ZERO job security and do not have the same access to holiday pay, sick pay and pensions.

Contractors who travel even further afield will not be able to accept work because travel and accommodation costs will be punitive, threatening infrastructure projects and public bodies in the jaws of recruitment crises.

PRISM CEO Crawford Temple said: 

“ Only you can stop this stealth tax which is a well-deserved tax relief given to the legions of contractors depended on by private business and public bodies to keep the wheels turning. "

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Did you know? From April, you will no longer be able to claim your usual travel expenses from home to work

*Image credit M. Holland.

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