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Self-employed workers may be getting worst of both worlds, says new think-tank report - November 2016

The Financial Times reports on the initial findings from the Social Market Foundation survey, supported by PRISM. The story featured as the lead story on the FT UK Politics briefing on 17th November 2016. Subscribers to will be able to click the link to read the full article.

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PRISM welcomes Government review of employment legislation - October 2016

PRISM has welcomed the Government’s decision to launch a review of employment legislation after campaigning for one for the past year.

PRISM has been pressing for a review to end the sticking plaster approach to legislative changes which have been impacting the temporary workers market. The idea of the review received broad support from MP’s across all the major political parties as well as many of the large representative groups and informed commentators.

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Think tank to tackle flexible working - September 2016

An independent review of flexible working from the ‘gig’ economy to 'Uberisation' and contracting has been launched by the Social Market Foundation (SMF).

The SMF will look closely at whether a tax system that still only recognises workers as either ‘employed’ or ‘self-employed’ is fit for purpose amid concerns employment legislation has failed to keep up with the world of work.

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OTS presses for tax regime review for flexible workers - September 2016

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has recommended that a review be carried out on the tax regime for flexible workers.

The OTS, part of the Treasury and offering independent advice to the government on simplifying the UK tax system, called for the review in its response to Prime Minister Theresa May’s government ‘Off-Payroll Working’ consultation.

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Free monthly legal updates bulletin launched by PRISM - August 2016

PRISM is to publish a monthly bulletin which will provide updates on political developments regarding laws affecting employment intermediaries and contractors.

It is hoped the free PRISM ‘Pulse’ will create greater understanding among those working in the sector of the challenges employment intermediaries and contractors currently face.

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'Same people' will produce same answers says trade body. - July 2016

Whitehalls’ working group on employment status offers “little hope of badly needed reform” according to Crawford Temple at tradebody PRISM. A cross-government committee has been set up to look at employment status but its membership is made up of those departments who have already failed to bring employment rules up to date.

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Parliament hears battle cry for strategic review of contracting sector, reveals PRISM - June 2016

A senior politician has accused the Government of misunderstanding how the world of work has changed as Parliament heard calls for a strategic review of the legislation affecting contractors.

MPs pressed the case for a review of all types of employment, including flexible working, at the Committee Stage of the Finance Bill this week.

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Times Educational Supplement - May 2016

Exploited' Supply Teachers get a kicking from taxman

Fears that supply staff will quit in droves after tax throwback robs them of thousands of pounds a year

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Recruitment Buzz - April 2016

Osborne’s Changes to Contractors’ T&S Relief Attacked by MPs in Parliament

MPs opposed to George Osborne’s changes to travel and subsistence relief have attacked the policy in Parliament.

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CCH Daily - April 2016

SNP calls for strategic review of income tax for contractors

SNP Treasury spokesman Roger Mullin MP has called for a strategic review of the tax status of contractors especially with in light of plans to remove travel and subsistence relief and is calling on the Chancellor George Osborne to report back within six months.

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Shout99 - April 2016

HMRC admits contractor tax change legislation needs a rewrite

HMRC has admitted getting the wording wrong in new travel and subsistence legislation and will have to rewrite it.

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APSCo backs PRISM’s call for strategic review - March 2016

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) has become the latest to declare support for a wide ranging strategic review that could end the raw deal for contractors.

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Group Of MPs Calls For Reformed Taxation Of Contractors - March 2016

A cross-party group of UK Members of Parliament has written to Chancellor George Osborne to call for the improved tax treatment of flexible workers, or contractors.

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Prism - MARCH 2016

Cross-party alliance of 55 MPs calls on Govt to end the raw deal for contractors.

A CROSS-PARTY alliance made up of dozens of MPs have called on the Chancellor to end the raw deal for flexible workers known as contractors

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IT Contractors UK - MARCH 2016

Review bid gets crucial boost from influential and campaigning politician

A TRADE body’s call for a strategic review of the tax regime has received another boost - this time from a key shadow Treasury spokesman. The SNP’s Roger Mullin hailed the plan as “modest and reasonable” after meeting PRISM chief executive Crawford Temple. PRISM is calling for a review of the tax system affecting contractors in the hope it results in them being properly recognised by UK tax rules for the first time.

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Recruitment international - FEBRUARY 2016

Shadow Treasury Minister backs PRISM’s call for tax regime review

PRISM’s calls for a strategic review of the tax regime have been backed by a shadow Treasury minister. Shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Rob Marris, wrote to the Chancellor, George Osborne, supporting the idea after discussions with chief executive, Crawford Temple.

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Teachers and nurses to lose 20% of income as tax changes hit ‘freelance’ workers

ORDINARY workers such as teachers and nurses are set to lose as much as 20% of their income under tax changes due to take effect within weeks.

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AEMC stops trading and gets behind PRISM

Association of Employment Management Companies (AEMC), a trade body for the umbrella industry, is to cease operations and throw its weight behind fellow industry trade body PRISM. AEMC, which has been operating for seven years, had five members at the end of last year, three of which were also members of PRISM.

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Early Day Motion tabled by Labour MP against Osborne tax move

A labour MP has highlighted the threat posed to public services by cuts to contractor expenses to members of the House of Commons. Labour MP Sir Alan Meale described the attack on travel and subsistence expenses as ‘short-sighted’ in an Early Day Motion (EDM). He was one of a raft of MPs contacted by constituents as part of trade body PRISM’S Yes2T&S campaign, devised to defeat the Chancellor’s proposals.

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Threat to public services posed by T&S changes highlighted by MPs

THE threat posed to public services by cuts to contractor expenses has been highlighted in the House of Commons. Labour MP Sir Alan Meale described the attack on travel and subsistence expenses as “short-sighted” in an Early Day Motion (EDM). He was one of a raft of MPs contacted by constituents as part of trade body PRISM’S Yes2T&S campaign, devised to defeat the Chancellor’s proposals.

Sir Alan, MP for Mansfield, tabled a motion calling for the consequences of the policy to be properly recognised by fellow MPs. It stated: "That this House [...] understands the importance of workers in this sector who currently fill the skills shortages around the country and in industries as hospitals, schools and colleges and local authorities as well as many major public civil engineering projects; and believes that if the Government persists in such a short-sighted fiscal strategy it will result in undoubted delays and huge failures to essential services provided to citizens.”

The EDM was supported by Tory Sir Peter Bottomley. EDMs are a mechanism by which MPs can officially voice concerns about Government policy in the highest court in the land. Crawford Temple, CEO of PRISM, thanked Sir Alan for his intervention.

He said: “It is extremely important that an important issue like this with such huge ramifications gets recognised officially in Parliament so I thank him sincerely for that. “George Osborne has decided to press ahead with removing this vital relief which we expect to have huge consequences for public and private sector wage bills as employers are forced to make up for the shortfall. "However, there is a huge amount of lobbying still to do as we continue to take our concerns to our elected representatives whose job it is to scrutinise government policy and hold the Chancellor to account.”

PRISM’s Yes2T&S campaign is ongoing - go to and get your MP to take the fight to the Chancellor.


Contractors call for review of T&S tax relief changes

Freelance workers and contractors are calling on George Osborne to review planned changes to the rules covering tax relief for claims for travel and subsistence (T&S) expenses in this week’s autumn statement, saying estimates suggest this could cost contractors an average £200 a week and will increase the burden for employers

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Some agency nurses could be around £90 a week worse off from April if they lose the right to claim for travel and meal expenses in their tax returns.


AS 2015: IR35 unchanged. Expenses restrictions for contractors go ahead

IR35 remains unchanged as a result of the Autumn Statement 2015. However, umbrella company contractors and limited company contractors using personal service companies and who are caught by IR35 will have travel and subsistence tax relief restricted.

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Osborne to slash support for industry

About 400,000 contractors could lose out by about £400 a year from measures to clamp down on tax avoidance. The Treasury is expected to announce that those who work on short-term contracts, such as nurses, will no longer be able to claim tax relief on travel to a temporary place of work.

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Recruitment international - NOVEMBER 2015

PRISM: Whitehall departments have appalling complacency over contractors

WHITEHALL has been accused of “appalling complacency” after it emerged a string of vital departments have failed to study the potential impact of threatened tax changes on their budgets.

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Education bosses yet to assess impact of T&S proposals

Education chiefs have admitted they do not know what impact Chancellor George Osborne’s new travel and subsistence (T&S) law changes will have on supply teachers amid a growing retention crisis in schools. New research from trade body PRISM has revealed that supply teachers engaged as contractors are set to suffer a real terms pay cut of more than £3,250 a year, equivalent to £62.56 each week. The contractor clampdown could be devastating for schools, the trade body warns, as they will be forced to face up to “an unmanageable burden with huge cost implications”

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Education chiefs in the dark over threat of expense changes to supply teachers

EDUCATION chiefs have been forced to admit they have no idea what impact swingeing tax changes will have on supply teachers next year amid huge retention problems in schools. This is despite research showing supply teachers engaged as contractors will on average lose £62.56 per week – an overnight real terms pay cut of £3,253 a year.

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The Devastating True Cost of George Osborne's Tax Raid on Britain's Workers

The devastating true cost of George Osborne's tax raid on contractors will see construction workers more than £6,000 a year worse off, research shows. Contractors in the construction sector will lose an average of £117 per week, equivalent to massive £6,084 a year, once changes to travel allowances take effect in April. Teachers and nurses are also going to be hit hard

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'Last chance' to affect T&S outcome says industry body

PRISM has launched a ‘Yes2T&S' campaign in an attempt to force George Osborne to think again before letting the proposed changes to Travel & Subsistence (T&S) rules come in next April. The proposals which could affect Britain's 1.6 million contractors will introduce what PRISM is describing as a ‘devastating stealth tax' on these workers.

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Recruitment international - NOVEMBER 2015

Tax grab threatens contractors with 20% pay cut and could cost UK employers £7bn

Ministers are mounting a tax grab which threatens 1.6m temporary workers with a 20 per cent pay cut, a trade body warned today. The Government was urged to think again after being accused of "going to war" on the most vulnerable by slashing contractors' take home pay.

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